6 Diabetes Foot Care Products for Better Ulcers and Pain Treatment

6 Diabetes Foot Care Products for Better Ulcers and Pain Treatment

Did you know that nerve impairment and diminished blood flow in people with diabetes mellitus (diabetes) can cause foot ulcers, infections, and amputations? Let’s learn how to deal with foot ulcers in diabetics with diabetes foot care products. 

Given the increasing number of people with diabetes and the great cost of care due to amputations, precautionary treatments are needed. Moreover, treating diabetic wounds must be conducted carefully and continuously. To avoid any infection and further damage in the wounded diabetes foot, these products can be helpful.

1.      Diabetes cream: You can use diabetes cream, such as Star Ag helps to prevent and treat infections which are caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses in wounds. Contained with hydrogel, this diabetic wound ointment can function to eradicate numb skin cells so that the wound remedial process becomes quicker and more effective.

2.      Intrasite gel: You can try it as one of diabetes foot care products to prevent evaporation and to act as a bacteriostatic for your wounded diabetes feet. It functions to hydrate necrotic tissue so that it becomes a wound that is easy to get rid of.

3.      Gentamicin: You can also use it to treat diabetic wounds. It contains aminoglycoside (antibiotics) to prevent the growth of negative-gram bacteria. It is suitable for treating minor diabetic wounds such as scratches or inflammation, but you must consult with your doctor first.

4.      Antidepressant: Your doctors may prescribe you to have antidepressant as a kind of medicine for diabetes foot pain. Even though this kind of medicine can have a spiteful side effect, it can help you to interfere with chemicals in the brain system that makes you feel the pain. 

5.      Oxycodone and tramadol: You can also use influential painkillers like oxycodone, such as Oxycontin, and/ or the opioid-like drug tramadol, such as Conzip and Ultram, to deal with much unbearable pain.

6.      Oxoferin: You can also use Oxoferin as a diabetic foot care kit to clean the wounds on feet. These kinds of drops can stimulate the wound healing process while preventing infection. As this medicine contains antiseptics and skin disinfectants, a doctor’s prescription is needed to claim it.

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People with diabetes are at risk of rising diabetic wounds on the skin, especially the skin of the feet, that are caused by nerve injury and meager blood circulation. Those six diabetes foot care products can be helpful to reduce and cure foot pain.

Best Home Remedies for Diabetes Foot Soak

Diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves, including ones in our feet. Due to the damaged nerves and blood vessels, diabetic patients often lose some of the feelings (sensation) in their feet. If not treated properly, they are prone to get foot disease.

What Can I Do to Treat Diabetes Foot?

There are many diabetes foot care practices that we can easily practice at home. Such as regularly checking out our foot and see if there are any cracked skin, swollen, sore or even bleeding skin. We also have to clean our foot everyday using a clean towel, including the small gap between the fingers.

If there is any dry or cracked skin, apply a generous amount of moisturizer. Don’t forget to clip your fingernails regularly. Also, always keep a habit to check out the insoles of your shoes before using it. Make sure it has no gravels or pebbles or any small things that could harm your foot.

Is Warm Water Okay for Diabetes Foot Soak?

The answer could possibly be a yes or no. Many diabetics think that soaking their feet in warm water is the best-relaxing way to get rid of diabetes foot pain relief such as sore and tired foot. In fact, it could actually make the skin dry, which results in cracked and even bleeding skin.

On the other hand, diabetes foot soak treatment in warm water is allowed only if we do it once in a while, perhaps once in a week. We should also ask for our family members to help us checking the water temperature. The best water temperature is around 30-35 Celsius. After that, don’t forget to apply a small amount of powder to keep it nicely dry.

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What Are the Best Home Remedies for Diabetes Foot Soak?

If you’re seeking some diabetes foot pain home remedies tips, we recommend these ingredients to you. They are not hard to find and easy to use. First, you’re going to need a drop of eucalyptus oil, four cups of white vinegar, half cup of Epsom salt and half cup of lemon juice and some lavender oil.

Mix them well together in four cups of warm water, please ask for your family members to check the temperature. You can have this diabetes foot soak treatment for only ten minutes. After that, apply three drops of lavender oil and one tablespoon of olive oil on your feet.

Please keep in mind that aside from taking home remedies, you still have to take care of your foot regularly. If there is any bleeding, go to the doctor immediately. Keep your skin dry, but not too dry. Last but not least, always keep a healthy lifestyle on track.

Tips to Overcome Diabetes Feet Cold

Do you ever hear about diabetes feet cold? The soles of the feet are cold because of the cold, it is normal. But if the condition is often felt without a clear trigger, you should be careful. Cold feet may also be caused by certain health problems, such as diabetes. Can diabetes cause cold feet? The answer is very much. Then, what’s the deal? How is it treated? Read the whole explanation!

Cold Feet and Diabetes

People with diabetes are more at risk for cold feet. Frequently high blood sugar levels can lead to narrowing of the arteries and reduced blood supply to the tissues, causing cold feet.

This is one type of diabetes complication that occurs due to damage to the nervous system due to high blood sugar. Not only cold feet, other symptoms that sufferers may feel, namely tingling, prickling sensations, numbness, or burning pain in the legs and thighs.

In addition to certain health conditions, cold feet can also be caused by the use of drugs such as beta-blocker drugs intended for people with hypertension and heart failure which causes blood circulation to decrease and the soles of the feet to become cold. To help reduce symptoms, people with diabetes should still be physically active and maintain a healthy diet.

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Overcoming Cold Feet due to Diabetes

Do the following ways to overcome your cold feet!

Soak your feet in warm water

One of the quickest ways to get rid of diabetes feet cold is to soak them in a basin of warm water. You can soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes to keep the blood flowing to your feet. Do it before bed, and you will feel another benefit, namely the relaxation of the leg muscles. You will feel much more relaxed and can even make you sleep more soundly.

But keep in mind, people with diabetes need to be accompanied to practice this method. If the nerves in his legs have been damaged, he may not be able to sense the temperature of the water, whether it’s too hot or too cold. If you do it yourself and it turns out that the water used is too hot, this condition can cause burns to the feet.

Using a heating pad or hot water bottle

If you have trouble sleeping because your feet are too cold, you can place a heating pad on your feet. Or, an easy way that can be found at home without the need to buy it is by placing a plastic bottle filled with hot water on your feet while you sleep. This will keep your feet warm while you sleep and help soothe sore muscles after a long day of activities.

Those are about diabetes feet cold. If you feel that your feet are cold and worse day by day, you had better check and consult the doctor. May you always be healthy!

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