Be aware! Things You Must Know about Diabetes Foot Issues

Common Symptoms of Diabetes Feet People Not Realize

Diabetes is a disease that needs attention because its impact on the survivor’s body cannot be ruled out. One of the impacts that occur in diabetic patients is pain and even injuries to the feet, and it triggers troubles for the patients’ feet. These are some points that you should know about diabetes foot issues. 

Diabetes foot tingling

If you are a diabetes survivor, you might feel the sensation of tingling on your feet. It is because the circulation of blood glucose in the foot area is under normal. Too much blood sugar in your feet makes the foot tingling or even worse. 

What should you do if you feel it on your feet? You need to check the condition of your feet daily. You can examine it yourself or you can ask somebody else to look at your feet to find out any changes or wounds. Moreover, you need to put on protective socks and shoes to keep your feet safe when you are out. 

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You can also put your feet up when you are sitting. Use a buffer to support your feet and wiggle your toes regularly and carefully. It can help you to normalize the blood flow to diabetes foot.  

Diabetes foot pain and swelling

Too much blood glucose in diabetes patients’ body leads to restricted blood flow to your feet that can also cause foot pain and swelling. Foot pain and swelling is one of the diabetes foot issues that will be more dangerous when your feet are injured or wounded. It is because you need more time and effort to recover.

You can try some treatment to deal with foot pain and swelling, such as soaking them in warm water. Do not soak it too long to avoid waterlogged sore. You have to gently dry your feet soon afterwards with soft cloth.

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Diabetes neuropathy 

Neuropathy is another problem related to diabetes that you should be aware of. When neuropathy comes, you won’t be able to feel any pain. It means that a more serious infection is occurring. You need to visit the doctor immediately to cure neuropathy before it’s too late.

Those are some important points related to diabetes foot issues that you have to be aware of. Appropriate cure and treatment are needed to prevent worse conditions that bring foot pain or even amputation. Last but not least, please keep your feet clean to avoid any other complications. 

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