Can diabetes cause hair loss? Some possible factors for the Problem

Can diabetes cause hair loss? Some possible factors for the Problem

Can diabetes cause hair loss? Diabetes mellitus and hair loss seem to be 2 different things. But do you know that both can be related as a cause-effect? Yes, diabetes may cause hair loss although not all people may experience it.

Hair loss actually is a normal cycle experienced by many people. Once your hair grows older, the follicles are getting weaker and they can just fall. However, if the loss is too much and uncontrollable, there may be factors behind that cause it. Suffering from certain diseases is one of the factors including diabetes. Below, there are some reasons why diabetes causes hair loss.

High Sugar Blood Level

Diabetes refers to a high sugar blood level. It is because glucose is accumulated in the blood and cells or organs cannot process it well. When the sugar blood level constantly increases, damages to organs cannot be avoided including tissues and vessels. Consequently, the process of oxygen and nutrition transportation is blocked. Some effects seen from this problem are varied. One of them is hair loss.

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Disorders of Hormones

The high sugar blood level also tends to bring side effects to the production and performance of some hormones. Those hormone disorders may give varied effects for patients. Well, some of them may suffer from hair loss. In addition, stress and pressure when you are ill also influence some hormones. The condition when hormones have fluctuated affects not only the strength of hair but also its growth. So, it is not surprising if, in some patients, they don’t only have hair loss but worse than that, there is baldness.

Disorders of the Immune System

It is not a secret that diabetes causes various complications. Even the immune system is also attacked by these diseases when the condition has been severe. So, hair loss is probably also caused by Alopecia areata. What is it? Alopecia areata is a condition in which the immune system starts to attack healthy hair follicles accidentally. Those follicles are getting weaker and the hair is simply lost or fallen. This condition doesn’t only affect the hair on your head but also other parts of your body.

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As diabetes gives so many complications and other side effects, of course, it is much better not to deal with this disease at all. Because diabetes mellitus is mostly caused by bad habits and lifestyles, you can make them better starting from now. For example, it is by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. So, can diabetes cause hair loss? Yes.

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