Things to Know about Diabetes Causes, Risk Factors, and Medical Treatments

Diabetes causes

What is diabetes causes primarily? Diabetes mellitus, this disease must be familiar enough to all of us. It becomes one of the dangerous killers in the world mainly if there have been complications with other health problems. Well, you can define it as a chronic or a long-term disease that is initially signed with the increase of the sugar or glucose blood level. Besides, there are 2 types of diabetes, known as diabetes type 1 and type 2. So, what are the differences? Read the following explanations.

What Causes Diabetes?

Both types of diabetes are mainly about the increase of the sugar blood level. The body metabolism doesn’t work normally so that the body cannot use the blood glucose in cells. This way, the sugar or glucose is just accumulated in the blood. But although generally, they are similar, both types of diabetes are a little bit different. What causes Diabetes type 1?

In type 1 diabetes, the body immune system, which commonly attacks viruses or bacteria, tends to attack the cells of glands that produce insulin. Consequently, the body lacks or even cannot produce insulin. Sugar that should be turned into energy by insulin is accumulated in the blood. 

On the other hand, what causes diabetes type 2? The body actually can produce insulin normally. Unfortunately, this hormone is not used normally and effectively. That’s why this condition is also called insulin resistance. While type 1 diabetes is congenital, type 2 diabetes causes are mostly an unhealthy lifestyle.

Aside from those two diabetes types mentioned above, there is one more diabetes type. It is diabetes insipidus. The disease is known as a rare condition with the symptoms to always feel thirsty. At the same time, the patient also often urinates in a big amount. In a severe condition, the patient can urinate up to 20 liters in a day.

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Causes for diabetes insipidus are mainly because of the disorder of the Antidiuretic hormone or ADH. The hormone manages the amount of liquid inside your body. The hormone itself is produced by Hypothalamus; a particular tissue located in the brain. After being produced in the brain, the hormone is kept in the pituitary gland.

The Risk Factors of Diabetes

Do sugar cause diabetes? This question is often asked when talking about the disease. The answer is yes particularly if it is about Diabetes mellitus as has been explained above. However, it is important also to know that there are several risk factors for diabetes. Risk factors are factors that cause someone to be more prone to have this disease compared to others.

Starting from type 1 diabetes, it is mainly related to the genetic factor. When someone in your family suffers from this disease, it means your possibility of having it is getting higher. Uniquely, geographic and age factors also play roles in it. People who live farther from the equator line have more risk of type 1 diabetes from the lack of vitamin D from sunlight. Other diabetes causes and risk factors are that the disease is detected mostly in kids than adults.

For Diabetes type 2, an unhealthy lifestyle becomes the main reason why someone suffers from it. It is mainly related to the food you consume and whether or not you do exercise regularly. So, can you get diabetes for eating too much sugar? The answer is yes. Although, the effect may be different from one person to another. The condition can be worse because of some risk factors. Similar to type 1 diabetes, the genetic factor also has a role in it. Well, it is not the disease that is generated but the condition of blood and body if they are prone to it or not.

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The other risk factors are obesity and belly fat. Yes, people with those health problems tend to get diabetes and it is something reasonable. Both diabetes and obesity are caused by the excess sugar consumption that ends up being accumulated in your body. Other causes for diabetes mellitus as well as the risk factors are age and the history of gestational diabetes. People above 45 or women with high sugar blood levels during pregnancy have more possibilities to suffer from this disease.

For the risk factors and what causes diabetes insipidus, they have not been known better yet. It is because the disease is very rare and so far, congenital.

Treatments of Diabetes

For both types of diabetes mellitus, the doctor may check first whether your condition has been in a severe category or not. Particularly for diabetes type 2, if it is just the high sugar blood level, you may just be suggested to lessen or completely stop eating foods with high calories. You must focus on consuming more nutritious foods with much fiber like vegetables, fruits, and seeds. Even for fruits, choose them that are less sweet. Well, it is to prevent your body from more severe diabetes causes food.

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Aside from managing your daily consumption, it is also very important to schedule exercises well. Yes, doing regular exercises helps your body to turn sugar and fat into energy. Therefore, the sugar blood level can be lowered also. 

But how if diabetes suffered has been in a severe category. It means that you must always be under the doctor’s monitor. Some patients even find their hair loss and their wounds are not healed. This is for the question of can diabetes cause hair loss? The wound is not simply healed because the blood loses its ability to coagulate. The blood cells have been damaged anyway. When this is the case, the doctor commonly decides to do amputation in the wounded area before it spreads around.

Another treatment is insulin injections done regularly. This treatment is for both diabetes type 1 and type 2. If diabetes has been in the complication level with other diseases, there are other treatments also related to other diseases suffered. Those are things you should know about diabetes causes, risk factors, and treatments.

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