Prevent Diabetes Feet Blisters Through Some Easy Ways Below

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Diabetes feet blisters are considered more terrifying than other common blisters. Why? It is because the condition of people with diabetes tends to be different than normal people. If normal people need some hours only to make the blisters dry and healed, diabetics may need many more times. Particularly when conditions have been severe, there is a possibility of getting diabetes feet.

Diabetes feet is a condition when the blood has been damaged by glucose so that every wound made is not simply dry. The wound or the blisters commonly appear in the feet area. Therefore, it is very important to prevent diabetes blisters in some ways as follows.

Be Careful in Every Move You Make

Well, it is actually something anyone must do. But for diabetics, their carefulness must be multiplied for the risk to take when the blister is made. So, you should be careful when walking, carrying something, and more. Although it is namely diabetes feet, the blister that is made on your hands and other body parts can also turn into unhealed wounds. 

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Wear Comfortable and not Tight Footwear

Forget stylish and cool designs of footwear you want to buy. The most important thing is wearing comfy and fit shoes to avoid any blisters. Consider also materials used to make shoes or sandals. If they can absorb sweat well, it is getting better. Sometimes, a blister is not formed from a scratch or hit. Too moist space inside the shoe can cause your feet to be itchy and later, it turns into a blister.

Control Your Daily Consumption

Even the first time you are diagnosed to have diabetes, it means you must control your daily consumption. You must not consume too many foods with high carbohydrates. Sweet and sugary dishes must also be avoided as they give you many calories. Those attempts may not make you 100% healed from diabetes once you have it. But it minimizes further risks like diabetes feet.

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Regular Exercises 

No matter how severe your diabetes is, if you have a chance, make sure to spare time for regular exercise. This activity is very good to burn calories and low down your blood sugar level. Sure, you need to do it also to prevent diabetes feet. But while exercising, you must be careful and wear comfortable sneakers. You should also consult the doctor first to know the type of exercises suitable for your condition. They are very important to not experience diabetes feet blisters.

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